All frames are sanded down to 320 grit sand paper and are hand painted (mostly with the same lucky brush) in either artistic quality acrylic color or water-based varnish. Our color specialist has the ability to accurately prepare any color you wish. Like a Djinni.

We use standard 2mm clear or 2mm matt glass on most frames depending on the desired result (clear glass is more reflective than the matt type). We also use a third type of glass that is clear but has anti-reflective properties.

Like all valuable things, our frames need to be taken good care of. They should be ideally kept hanged on strong and reliable anchor points above shoulder height in appropriate spots with space around them (avoid narrow corridors) away from humidity, children under four years of age, sudden gusts of wind and accidents waiting to happen.

To clean (dust) the frame, use a slightly wet piece of soft cotton fabric or preferably a piece of soft felt. Never use cleaning products of any kind. It’s advisable to unhang the frame and place on a solid level surface prior to cleaning. Never apply too much pressure on the glass.

Our frames come with a guarantee and in case of structural failure we will repair the damage for free.
In case of misuse, we might charge a little something to bring it back to shape.